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we are a team of journalists and storytellers based in Tripura, India. We believe in the power of stories to ignite change. We report on important issues, share relevant information and conduct investigative journalism – all in an attempt to create a dynamic body of work that will help the larger world see the beauty and challenges of Northeast India And we don’t just cover Northeast India—we dig into the broader economy, society, and culture.

From time to time, we investigate global issues affecting India. We are a news agency that reports from the ground level. We work with an international group of independent journalists while remaining democratized and privately owned. Our goal is to provide reliable and nuanced reporting which always puts you first and delivers the facts accurately and responsibly.
And stories on Today Tripura represent a mix of different viewpoints. we offer a diverse set of ideas to consider as you make sense of the world. We invite new contributors to share their own ideas every day.
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