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I published my news application in Google Play Console and daily news updates in my application. So i post news in my application and show to the user daily. I’m the owner of my news organization. My news organization details below.


App Package : com.tripura.todaytripura

Ownership Information :

Name:  Prasenjit Kar Malakar (MD GorillaTechSolution & )
Email :
Phone: +917005228624
Address: Agartala Indranagar Tripura West
Pincode: 799006


Organization Name:
Goverment licence : UAM NO – TRO8D0002278 (Soft Copy link)

Address :

Agartala Indranagar Near Big Bridge Tripura West
Agartala, TRIPURA 799006
Pin Code :799006
Phone: +917005228624

Contact Details

Name : Today Tripura
Phone: +917005228624
Email :
Postal Address: Agartala Indranagar Near Big Bridge Tripura West
Agartala, TRIPURA 799006

Facebook. TwitterInstagram :

Website Link

Twitter :
Instagram :

News Source

We collect information about our websites and apps from various places like,
various government websites and local freelines. Websites and Apps We try to post article news,
every information we cross-verify and publish on our website,
we always try to provide accurate information, and through fact checks to save the people of my state from wrong information,

Other documents on our app and website are provided below via hyperlink.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS . Privacy Policy .  Publication Ethics Policy and Guidelines . Ownership & funding information.  Fact Checking Policy. Editorial team information. Corrections Policy.

Application Information 

Our application is made with flatter, website made in WordPress. Rest api v1 (const mBaseUrl = ‘’;) and the website data with the WordPress plugin, are sent to the application using REST API V1


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