October 26, 2023

What is First Republic Bank Crisis and its Impact on US Banking

First Republic Bank
What is First Republic Bank Crisis and its Impact on US Banking 2

First Republic Bank Crisis and its Impact on US Banking
friends you will never forget. In March, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed in the United States. Will 2008 be repeated? Although things stabilized a bit, experts believe that the banking crisis is not over yet and because of this you will see. So, another big banker. America’s First Republic Bank crashed. As shown in First Republic Bank, Sheff Calls After More Than 100 billion Dollars of withdrawals, the money was withdrawn rapidly from the bank. We saw the same thing in Silicon Valley Bank that the depositors started withdrawing a lot of their money. Which we call bank runs because depositors are scared. Depositors can’t trust a bank as to whether it can return the money or not. The same thing happens here, so is it necessary to know the details exactly? What is happening, and what is being done to rectify it?
What has happened?
Even as the banking sector woes in the US are going on, lender First Republic Bank is facing the free fall of its shares following its financial results on Monday. Its shares have declined nearly 66.29% since Monday [ now 75%], April 24. This is the third bank to face a crisis after the collapse of two other US banks, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.
First Republic Bank’s shares have started falling sharply after the announcement of its Q1 results on Monday, in which it showed a decline of around $70 billion in its deposits since March 9. Its deposits on March 9, before Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, had stood at $173 billion, which declined to $102.7 billion as of April 21. In the first quarter, its deposits saw an outflow of over $100 billion.
This raised doubts about the bank’s financial health. The share sell-off was also aggravated after media reports said that the US government officials were currently unwilling to intervene in the First Republic rescue process.
In March, failure of Silicon Valley Bank and then that of Signature Bank incited a run-on deposit at First Republic and other regional banks. Around that time, Fitch Ratings and the S&P Global Ratings both downgraded the credit rating of First Republic due to it having a high proportion of uninsured deposits and its having lent out more money than it had in deposits.
First Republic, in need of capital, took out loans from the Federal Reserve and the Federal Home Loan Bank, as well as a line of credit from JPMorgan. Around this time, the bank also received the $30 billion infusion from the 11 big banks.
First Republic Bank’s membership in the S&P 500 could be in jeopardy after the troubled bank’s stock set a new all-time low that pushed its market capitalization below $1 billion. At roughly $650 million, First Republic has by far the smallest market cap in the US equity benchmark after wiping out $22 billion in market value. Companies must have a market cap of at least $12.7 billion to be considered for inclusion in the S&P 500, which has more than $15 trillion of investment assets tracking it.
First Republic Bank is looking at several options, including selling off its unprofitable assets such as the low-interest mortgages it provided to wealthy clients. According to news agency AP, the bank is also planning to lay off up to a quarter of its workforce, which stood at 7,200 ¼ employees at the end of last year.
First Bank. A few steps are being taken to remove seven port employees. Managing something could be handled by the bank, but it’s not so simple, is it? Currently, many roadblocks have to be overcome. The city bank has downgraded its rating. This is what experts have stated in the news and the report here. That there will be losses in this bank in the coming months, and its shares will further fall. By the way, it is moving towards $1. It is difficult to predict what may happen; there has been a huge movement inside the US. Let’s see what happens next after the banking collapse. What happened to First Republic Bank

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